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Coconut oil is certainly not an unfamiliar name with most of us, but virgin coconut oil might be. Unlike what many of you might assume, it is not simply another name given to the ordinary coconut oil by some company just to increase sales numbers by claiming that it is the purest available form.

There is really a substance called virgin coconut oil and, if not entirely, it has some important differences from ordinary coconut oil. These differences mainly lie with the source (more specifically, the physical form of the source), the method of extraction, and its subsequent benefits. Virgin coconut oil is rapidly gaining in popularity throughout the world in comparison to ordinary coconut oil, and it is not without good reason.

Virgin coconut oil looks slightly different from ordinary coconut oil and this differentiation cannot be made with the naked eye. This difference is mainly due to the presence of certain colloidal and other particles and moisture within it. On the other hand, ordinary oil is refined and is mainly left with the fatty acids in it and almost nothing else. Ideally, virgin coconut oil should be as clear as water. However, its color may vary slightly depending upon its processing.

Virgin coconut oil has a very good taste and smell, like that of fresh coconuts, since it is derived from fresh coconuts and is subjected to very low, if not totally nil, heat and sunlight. It is also not refined. This preserves all the natural goodness of this oil, including a high content of vitamin-E and minerals, which are otherwise almost completely robbed from ordinary coconut oil during processes like heating, filtration, refining, and bleaching, which are done to make it colorless and odorless. Furthermore, virgin coconut oil is very effective as a moisturizing agent. Its antioxidant properties are far better than those of normal coconut oil.

How To Use :

Take MKD 5ml morning, 5ml night or 1 tablespoon / adults
before eating.
Adults - 5ml every morning and Evening / 1 tbsp before meal

children - 5ml once daily.

For a nursing baby bottles (milk powder)
Drip 3 or 4 drops of MKD into milk mixture in the bottle and shake.

For external use:
to wound, clean the wound and dip cotton with MKD and put in place the wound.

exposed to hot water or hot oil - dip cotton with MKD and rub the wound site

Scar - MKD apply.
Dry heels rupture - Apply MKD
Brown or hair loss - apply MKD

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