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Our hectic and busy lifestyle together with our irregular meals and poor eating habit have resulted in us suffering from malnutrition, degeneration in our bodily and organic functions and a general decline in our Health. Therefore, toxin gradually accumulates in our body.

Toxins are the cause of many illnesses.  If such toxins are not removed, illness and disease may occur.

Harmful toxins in the body that frequently undermines our health can be divided into TWO categories:

a)        Internally produced - Bio chemical, cellular and bodily activities generate toxic substances like free radicals and metabolic waste products.
b)        Extremely Acquired - Through breathing in (Toxic Fumes), ingesting (Pesticides, contamination, medication and drugs) or through Physical contact with them
           (Poisonous substances).

General Detoxification

Our Body's Detoxification Systems: Basically, detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body, leading to improved health, vitality and rejuvenation.  Our body can neutralize, transform or eliminate toxins via the below body systems:

RESPIRATORY        - Lungs, Bronchial tubes, Throat, Sinuses and Nose.
GASTROINTESTINAL        - Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and Gastrointestinal tract.
URINARY                - Kidneys, Bladder and Urethra.
LYMPATHIC                - Lymph channels and Lymph Nodes.

Symptoms of Toxicity        

"        Headaches
"        Joint Pains
"        Immune Weakness        
"        Fatigue
"        Frequent Cough or cold
"        Bad Breath        
"        Sore Throat
"        Indigestion
"        Skin Rashes

"        Stroke
"        Eczema
"        Obesity
"        Menstrual Problems Cataract
"        Gout
"        Gastritis        .
"        Migraine
"        Bronchitis
"        Hemorrhoids        
"        Pneumonia
"        Constipation

Reasons to Detoxify Benefits

"        Reduce Symptoms and treat illness/disease
"        Cleanse Body
"        Purify and rest organs
"        Rejuvenation
"        Clear Skin        "        Healthier, less susceptible to the above illness.
"        More relaxed, enhanced concentration
"        Enhance the senses
"        Energetic & motivated
"        Better complexion

Who needs to Detoxify?    You need to detoxify your body regularly if you:

       Consume high-fat or high-protein diet.
       Consume a lot of diary products or refine food.
       Lack exercise.         Are elderly.
       Have Weak Gastrointestinal System, Kidneys or Lungs.
       Are late sleepers or keep irregular sleeping hours.

Common Ways to Detoxify:

Colon Cleansing is one of the most import parts of detoxification.  Most of the toxins in the body are contained here and sluggish functioning of the colon will rapidly lead to general toxicity.

Medicine designed to relieve symptoms of Constipation.
"        Upset the Electrolyte Balance.
"        Strip away protective mucus.
"        Removal of too much body fluid leading to Dehydration.
"        May irritate intestinal nerve endings, stimulating muscle contraction.
"        Abuse of Lubricant Laxatives can lead to coating on the intestinal wall.        
"        Muscle Cramps, Spasms, Irregular heartbeat and sometimes Cardiac arrest.
"        Increases vulnerability to infections.
"        Tremors, weakness, blurry vision, fainting spells and kidney damage.
"        After repeated usage, nerve endings no longer respond to stimulation, resulting in Laxative Dependency.
"        Impaired vitamin absorption.


-        Fluid is injected into the rectum to expel its contents.        
"        Stretch the colon and decrease muscle tone.        
"        Inability to generate muscle contractions to move faecal matter.


"        Drugs that lower the amount of salt and water in the body by increasing urination.        
"        Upset the Electrolyte Balance.
"        Decreases amount of water in the body, leading to dehydration.        
"        As above.
"        As above.

The Best Method to detoxify

The better choice to detoxify is by using a detoxification supplement as it does not employ extreme measures to detoxify and may not have as many side effects. 

Recommendation:  Use K - Link's Riddance 100% herbal supplement. Riddance is the newest product from K - Link that aims at toxin elimination.  It provides the 4 major detoxifying effects that protect our internal bodily system.
What is meant by all round detoxification?
Blood circulates unceasingly throughout our body. If the blood is unclean, the functions of our internal organs will become weak and inefficient. Riddance does not only aim at removing toxin from our internal organs and intestinal tracts, but more importantly, it filters and purifies our blood circulation system, which many other detoxifying products fail to achieve.

How could toxin be eliminated just through intestinal cleansing and ordinary detoxification without the blood being clean and healthy?

It does not contain laxatives and is absolutely free of additives.  Long-term usage ensures minimal toxin accumulation and promotes good health.

Riddance is a unique Chinese medical science invention in 21st century.  The combination of Pure and natural Chinese herbs has produced an excellent all-round detoxification product to help maintain a healthy body. It provides the 4 major detoxifying effects that protect our internal bodily system - constituting an all round detoxification regime.

1.        Blood purification : Through its strong anti-oxidant effect (via SOD against free oxidative radicals), Riddance filters and purifies blood by providing more oxygen and helps the production of Healthy Red Blood cells to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  This activates and greatly strengthens our bodily and organic systems.

2.        Intestinal cleansing: Riddance promotes blood circulation throughout the intestinal tract and restores its proper functions. It improves intestinal peristalsis (Bowl Movement) and helps in disposing of waste matter (e.g. metabolites, heavy metals, aged faeces, viruses, bacteria, etc.). Once the hygiene of the intestinal tract is maintained, toxin will not be able to accumulate.

3.        Detoxification: Riddance improves the body's natural detoxifying function. Toxins are discharged through the respiratory passage (Trachea), the Lymphatic, the sweat glands, urethra and other excretory passages, purgation or evacuation of the bowels remains the principals of detoxification channel.

4.        Proper Regulation of Bodily Functions : Riddance provides proper regulation of the bodily functions by
a.        Improving blood circulation.
b.        Promoting metabolism of the internal organs.
c.        Balancing internal secretions and bodily fluid contents.
d.        Increasing nutrient absorption.        
e.         Re-establishing detoxifying abilities.
f.        Strengthening the overall functioning of body systems.
g.        Retarding the aging process through anti-oxidant effects.


Each sachet contains extracts of 
Radix Panax Ginseng (2.05 g), 
Radix Glycyrrhizae (1.54g),
Radix Ledebouriella divaricate (0.1g)                

Usage: Traditionally used for Health and strengthening of the body.

Detoxification Reactions:

"        Once you start taking Riddance, bowel movement will increase to 3 - 5 times or more as there is much accumulated        waste in the body.
"        The excrement will take a dark appearance and gives out a strong odour.
"        Frequent purging small to diarrhea may occur.
"        This is normal reaction during a rapid detoxification process.
"        Once toxins are gradually cleared, the excrement assumes a more solid appearance and is brown in color.
"        Bowel movement would also gradually return to its normal frequency.


"        Take 1 sachet twice daily before meals for 1 week followed by 1 sachet alternate day.
"        Consumption may be adjusted as required.
"        Children require only half dosage.
"        Drink 8 - 10 glass of water per day during use.
"        Store in cool, dry place.

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