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BIDADARI is a functional drink for good health and beauty formulated with luxurious natural ingredients as Natural Honey, Manjakani, Betel, Lemon, Root Serapat, Golden Needle, Nur Fatimah, tamarind, dates and other selected herbs.

Rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E are good for health, especially building the uterine system, improving radiance and catalyze the sexual relationship of husband and wife.

Angel privileges:

1.membantu vaginal discharge

2.mengatasi menstrual problems

3. Build the uterus

4.mengecutkan vaginal muscles

5. narrows the vagina

6.menguatkan gripping system

7.memberi positive impact on partner during intercourse

8. Adding collagen in the body

9.mencantikkan skin and increase radiance

10.membantu eliminate body odor and mouth

11. alleviate hot flushes

12. tense breasts

13. help treat IQ

14. supplying instant energy

15. help treat wounds in the abdomen and the surgery.

Women who are pregnant and during menstruation is not recommended to take.


Drink 2 tablespoons of the morning
2 tablespoons of the evening.
Use only plastic spoon - Because Angel is based hemeopati products.

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